Sports Complex Fence

Newsom Fence completed a perimeter fence around the soccer and athletic fields at Ed Austin Regional Park for the Arlington Futbol Club.  The fence is an 8′ high black vinyl chain link meeting all City of Jacksonville Specifications for a chain link fence on city property.  The high quality of fence will ensure that the fence will withstand the wear and tear of soccer balls, equipment, kids bouncing off the fence.  The important thing to remember about vinyl chain link wire is the core wire – a 9 gage core wire is key.  This 9 gage core wire is a commercial grade wire and will not curl or bend as quickly and easily as the cheaper light gage vinyl chain link.

This project had several pedestrian walk gates and double swing drive gates.  All gates for this project were custom welded and fabricated – just as all gates Newsom Fence installs.

This fence work for Arlington Futbol Club is similar to the fence work Newsom Fence installed around the soccer fields for the Jacksonville Futbol Club for their fields off Hodges Blvd.  These two locations now have the highest quality black vinyl fence an athletic association can get installed.  If you are interested in installing a fence around your sports field, check out either the Arlington Futbol Club or the Jacksonville Futbol Club’s soccer fields to see the sturdiness, workmanship, and quality of fence Newsom Fence will provide for you and your association’s needs.  Do not go with cheap lightweight material to save a few dollars this year – because after next year you will be looking at a fence that is curled up, dented, top rail falling out, and needing repair.  We take great pride in installing a fence that will look brand new for years to come – not just through this season.

8' High Black Vinyl Chain Link 9 gage core

8′ High Black Vinyl Chain Link 9 gage core

Soccer Field Fence

8′ High Black Vinyl Fence Braced & Trussed at Corners

Soccer Field Fence

8′ High Black Vinyl Commercial Grade Chain Link Fence



Good Luck to the AFC & JFC!

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