Airfield Runway Fence and Turnstile

Newsom Fence Company completed the installation of the airfield runway fence at Naval Air Station Mayport.  This runway fence required break away posts to be installed.  This required a coupling that the line posts screw into to allow the posts to break at the fitting if a certain amount of […]

Airfield Runway Fence

Warehouse Fence

Lockable Chain Link Cages

Newsom Fence Company has been installing fence inside warehouses lately.  One of the places we have been installing fence at recently is Cecil Field where we built chain link cages.  All these cages are 8′ high with a gate and a top.  Each gate has a lock box welded to […]

Chain Link Fence With Barb Wire

Newsom Fence Company continues to make progress on the chain link security fence at JaxPort.  If you are driving over the Dames Point Bridge look down below and say “hello!”.  Newsom Fence Company continues to work with contractors around the Jacksonville area to complete their fencing needs according to their specifications. […]

Sports Complex Fence

Newsom Fence completed a perimeter fence around the soccer and athletic fields at Ed Austin Regional Park for the Arlington Futbol Club.  The fence is an 8′ high black vinyl chain link meeting all City of Jacksonville Specifications for a chain link fence on city property.  The high quality of […]

Chain Link Security Fence

Newsom Fence Company recently completed a security fencing project in Jacksonville, FL to secure a JEA electrical and natural gas station.  The fence was 8′ high with 3 strands of barb wire including multiple swing gates and cantilever gates.  Newsom Fence worked with Ortega Industrial Contractors and JEA to smoothly […]

chain link gate

Chain Link Bi-Folding Gate

Newsom Fence installed a bi-folding green vinyl chain link gate at this wash rack.  I was not able to upload the video of our crew opening/closing the gate on here, but if you visit our Facebook page it is there for your viewing pleasure.  Newsom Fence looks forward to working […]

Jacksonville Boat Show Temporary Fence Panels

Preparation for the Jacksonville Boat Show is underway. Newsom Fence has provided temporary fence panels along with typical temporary construction fence. Temporary fence panels provide a perimeter that can easily be moved around. For your temporary fence needs in the Jacksonville area contact Newsom Fence.

Commercial chain link fence

Commercial Chain Link Fence

What is the Difference between commercial fence and residential fence??? The easy answer is 9 gage galvanized wire is commercial grade, while 11.5 gage is residential.  That is true, but there are other things to take into consideration regarding your chain link fence. For this discussion let’s focus solely on […]

Louvered PVC Gate

Newsom Fence would like to thank Steve, Robert, and the crew at Specialty Fence Wholesale for his assistance in getting this louvered PVC gate made for the Brumos Lexus dealership in Jacksonville, FL.  The benefit of the louvered styled PVC gate is that it allows the generators to breath and get air […]

Louver PVC Fence and Gate

Fence Update

Hope Callahan Little League had a great Opening Day!  Newsom Fence replaced the outfield fence, backstops, baselines, and dugout fence on several of the fields at the park.  Good luck on the season! I think I might have figured out how to work this part of our website.  It is […]